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This center is established in NPIC (National Polytechnic Institute of Cambodia, Phnom Penh) by the Scientist and Engineers without Borders (SEWB) with a fund from the Korean ministry of science, ICT and future planning. The Korean National research foundation (NRF) also dispatched three research staffs (WFK-TPC members) assisting for the programs to be developed by the iWc. The supports from these two organizations will be continued for the next 4 years to promote capacity buildings for the Cambodian water professionals through educational and training programs. All facilities and technologies developed during this period will be transferred to NPIC. It is our hope the water professionals selected by NPIC can join our study from the planning and designing to the operating stages to promote their capacities through various experiences from our research activities, which include pilot and demonstration plants for water and wastewater management. Their knowledge and experiences shared with us will develop their own solutions for the Cambodian problems in future as well as for the neighboring countries for POST-MDG. In addition, we will be happy to provide technical and administrative assistances for water problems for the central and local governments. We also would like to communicate with international organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, ADB and World Bank as well as KOICA, KOTRA and NGOs including Good Neighbors, World Vision, Team & Team and others. With these collaborations, we can prepare sustainable solutions. Your assistances would be greatly acknowledged. Of course the NPIC staffs and local experts are welcome to advise our future studies.

 In company with
in company with

Phum Prey Popel, SK. Somrong Krom, Khan Po Sen Chey,
Phnom Penh (Near Wat Pun Phnom)


Euiso Choi, PhD, PE
Director of Innovative Water Center (iWc)
Mobile: +855-88-371-9353



Jeongjae Lee, TPC(Techno Peace Corp)
Innovative Water Center (iWc)
Mobile: +855-88-371-9306


Taeyoung Lee, TPC(Techno Peace Corp)
Innovative Water Center (iWc)
Mobile: +855-88-371-9359


Youngho Jung, TPC(Techno Peace Corp)
Innovative Water Center (iWc)
Mobile: +855-88-371-9321


(사)국경없는과학기술자회 / 04107 서울시 마포구 백범로 35 (신수동) 서강대학교 리치별관 307호

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